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The Group since investing in Japan in mid 2009 has identified the type of asset class to invest to meet its corporate objectives, both in the short and long term. The implementation of its twin strategies – focusing on residential apartments by buying land to develop as well as buying distressed completed/uncompleted apartment units, and investing in business hotels, has served the Group well and shall continue with such activities. The Group has the plan and intention to invest and expand its business hotels portfolio to reach economies of scale that will generate a sustainable income stream and profitability.

The Group has embarked on a brand strategy to promote its portfolio of hotels under its own name called “nest HOTEL” and “Grand nest HOTEL”.. Kumamoto Hotel, its 5th business hotel, previously known as Chisun Hotel Kumamoto, has been renamed as “nest HOTEL Kumamoto”. The phase-in of “nest” brand for its remaining hotels shall be done progressively.




51 units
Date of Purchase: Jun 2009
Purchased en-bloc completed units and
all sold by end 2009

50 units
Date of Purchase: Mar 2010
Purchased as completed units and
all sold by Q4 2010

77 units
Date of Purchase: Apr 2010
Purchased as uncompleted project.
Developed and sold by Q1 2011


38 units
Date of Purchase: Feb 2011
Purchased land, developed and
sold by Q1 2012

85 units
Date of Purchase: Jan 2012
Purchased land, developed and
sold by Q2 2014


75 units
Date of Purchase: May 2012
Purchased land, developed and
sales in progress

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